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Несколько слов о лицемерии или Все лгут

Автор: Scorpio

 "Everything flows," as Heraclitus said. So all of a sudden I got tired of the most common & natural thing in the world. Guess what. Hypocrisy. This world's not getting younger but in spite all humane experience some individuals still can't learn few classy art of lying lessons. Ones of the best liars, for sure, are journalists. Today they'll tell you that this season saucepan hats are in fashion & the next day will have a good laugh with their team at credulous but "fancy" morons who followed their fashion advice. Good journalist is always a cynic. And only docs can challenge them in cynicism. Docs' professionalism even can be measured with it. But we were speaking about journalists. And what joirnalists are the luckiest? Right! Glamour magazines' staff! Just imagine how curious it must be to observe mentally weak readers whom today you're telling about advantages of being anorexic & the next month having nothing better to write you announce fat to be sexy. Journalists write about it as if they were talking about new trendy colours. But what a fun it must be to observe those who wasted tonnes of money on reducing weight pills & the next month started eating everything available in radius of kilometer in order to get some extra weight while looking like an Auschwitz prisoner.

While propagating is the easiest form of being idiots keep growing & procreate new idiots who keep on beating all whores' scores swallowing, though swallowing media scrap in concrete context, liers will never lose their jobs & what is not less unimportant - cause for healthy, life prolonging laugh.

Listing you examples in English for better effect. Perfect samples of barefaced media hypocrisy I've ran into during my serene everyday web surfing.

First article will tell you how to fool your own reflection or how to live among high elves being a goubelin: http://shine.yahoo.com/beauty/lessons-worlds-ugliest-woman-stop-staring-start-learning-184400606.html

We all know that it's easy to say "We are beautiful no matter what they say", when you're Christina Aguilera. If not it looks like a really bad trick & stupid wilfulness.

The second & the last article offers women to recall where their real place is. In the kitchen frying, in the bathroom washing husband's socks & in the delivery room all other time - just in order if you've forgotten, girls. Professor Dickhead & Doctor McPrick will remind you, ladies, that you're nothing but laying hens. Not to be called chauvinistic bastards they'll turn you back to Mesozoic era in order to prove you haven't gone too far from first people. They will spice their selected shit with an adjective "naturally" which is so popular among all blockheads & will serve their shit up as a salmon creamy soup.

But enough of introduction, here's the hit of the post which is called "Why Women Need Fat to Be Healthy". I bet the original title was "The Necessity of Fat in Pathetic Life of Laying Hen". Take your joy: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/why-women-fat-healthy-182500281.html

Kind healthy advice as a a cover of chauvinism & suppression mixed with gender stereotypes. It's become so modern to talk about everything so called "natural" that I'm feeling like wrapping self with a skin of a bear & going back to woods where I belong. And even don't try to blame me in the lack of morality - cavemen have never heard of it.

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